1. abide by(=be faithful to ; obey)忠於;遵守

2. be absent from…. 缺席,不在

3. absence or mind(=being absent-minded) 心不在焉

4. absorb(=take up the attention of)吸引…的注意力(被動語態):be absorbed in 全神貫注於…近:be engrossed in ; be lost in ; be rapt in ;be concentrated on ; be focused on ; be centered on

5. (be) abundant in(be rich in; be well supplied with) 富於,富有 

6. access(to) (不可數名詞) 能接近,進入,了解

7. by accident(=by chance, accidentally)偶然地,意外. Without accident(=safely) 安全地,

8. of one’s own accord(=without being asked; willingly; freely)自願地 ,主動地

9. in accord with 與…一致 . out of one’s accord with 同….不一致

10. with one accord (=with everybody agreeing)一致地

11. in accordance with (=in agreement with) 依照,根據

12. on one’s own account 1) 為了某人的緣故, 為了某人自己的利益 2)(=at one’s own risk) 自行負責 3)(=by oneself)依靠自己 on account 賒賬; on account of 因為; on no account不論什麼原因也不;of …account 有…..重要性.

13. take…into account(=consider)把...考慮進去

14. give sb. an account of 說明, 解釋 (理由) 

15. account for (=give an explanation or reason for) 解釋, 說明.

16. on account of (=because of) 由於,因為.

17. on no account(=in no case, for no reason)絕不要,無論如何不要(放句首時句子要倒裝)

18. accuse…of…(=charge…with; blame sb. for sth. ; blame sth. on sb. ; complain about) 指控,控告

19. be accustomed to (=be in the habit of, be used to)習慣於. 

20. be acquainted with(=to have knowledge of) 了解; (=to have met socially) 熟悉

21. act on 奉行,按照…行動; act as 扮演; act for 代理

22. adapt oneself to(=adjust oneself to) 使自己適應於

23. adapt…(for) (=make sth. Suitable for a new need) 改編, 改寫(以適應新的需要)

24. in addition (=besides) 此外, 又, 加之

25. in addition to(=as well as, besides, other than)除…外

26. adhere to (=abide by, conform to, comply with, cling to, insist on, persist in, observe, opinion, belief ) 粘附; 堅持, 遵循

27. adjacent(=next to, close to) 毗鄰的, 臨近的

28. adjust..(to) (=change slightly)調節; 適應;

29. admit of (=be capable of, leave room for) …的可能,留有…的餘地.

30. in advance (before in time) 預告, 事先.

31. to advantage 有利的,使優點更加突出地.

32. have an advantage over 勝過. have the advantage of 由於…處於有利條件 have the advantage of sb.知道某人所不知道的事

33. take advantage of (=make the best of, utilize, make use of, profit from, harness)利用.

34. agree with 贊同(某人意見) agree to 同意

35. in agreement (with) 同意, 一致

36. ahead of 在…之前, 超過…;……………. ahead of time 提前.

37. in the air 1)不肯定, 不具體. 2)在謠傳中.

38. above all (=especially, most important of all) 尤其是, 最重要的.

39. in all (=counting everyone or everything, altogether) 總共, 總計

40. after all 畢竟,到底; (not) at all 一點也不; all at once(=suddenly)突然; once and for all 只此一次; above all 最重要的; first of all 首先; all in all 大體上說; be all in 累極了; all but 幾乎.

41. allow for (=take into consideration, take into account) 考慮到, 估計到.

42. amount to (=to be equal to) 總計, 等於.

43. answer for (undertake responsibility for, be liable for, take charge for) 對…負責.

44. answer to (=conform to) 適合,符合.

45. be anxious about 為…焦急不安; 或anxious for

46. apologize to sb. for sth. 為…向…道歉

47. appeal to sb. for sth. 為某事向某人呼籲. appeal to sb. 對某人有吸引力

48. apply to sb. for sth. 為…向…申請 ; apply for申請; apply to 適用.

49. apply to 與…有關;適用

50. approve of (=consent to, be in favor of, favor, agree to, consider good, right) 贊成, approve vt. 批准

51. arise from(=be caused by) 由…引起.

52. arrange for sb/gate/big5/bbs.chinabroadcast.cn/sth. to do sth. 安排…做…

53. arrive on 到達; arrive at 到達某地(小地方);得出,作出; arrive in 到達某地(大地方);

54. be ashamed of (=feel shame, guilt or sorrow because of sth. done) 以…為羞恥

55. assure sb. of sth. (=try to cause to believe or trust in sth.) 向…保證, 使…確信.

56. attach(to) (=to fix, fasten; join) 縛, 係 ,結

57. make an attempt at doing sth. (to do sth.) 試圖做…

58. attend to (=give one’s attention, care and thought)注意,照顧;
       attend on(upon)(=wait upon, serve, look after) 侍候,照料

59. attitude to/ toward …對…的態度.看法

60. attribute…to…(=to believe sth. to be the result of…)把..歸因於.., 認為..是..的結果

61. on the average (=on average, on an average) 平均

62. (be) aware of (=be conscious of , having knowledge or consciousness)意識到,知道.

63. at the back of (=behind) 在…後面

64. in the back of 在…後部(裏面); on the back of 在…後部(外面); be on one’s back(=be ill in bed) 臥病不起.

65. at one’s back(=supporting or favoring sb.) 支援,維護; have sb. at one’s back 有…支援, 有…作後臺

66. turn one’s back on sb. (=turn away from sb. in an impolite way) 不理睬(某人),背棄,拋棄

67. behind one’s back 背著某人(說壞話)

68. be based on / upon 基於

69. on the basis of 根據…, 在…基礎上

70. beat…at 在…運動項目上打贏

71. begin with 以…開始. to begin with (=first of all) 首先, 第一(經常用於開始語)

72. on behalf of (=as the representative of) 以…名義

73. believe in(=have faith or trust in; consider sth/gate/big5/bbs.chinabroadcast.cn/sb. to be true) 相信,依賴,信仰.

74. benefit (from) 受益,得到好處.

75. for the benefit of 為了…的利益(好處)

76. for the better 好轉

77. get the better of (=defeat sb.) 打敗, 勝過.

78. by birth 在出生上,論出身,按血統 at birth 在出生時; give birth to 出生

79. blame sb. for sth. 因…責備某人 . blame sth. on sb. 把…推在某人身上

80. in blossom開花(指樹木) be in blossom開花(強調狀態) come into blossom開花(強調動作)

81. on board 到船上, 在船上, 上火車或飛機 

82. boast of (or about) 吹噓

83. out of breath 喘不過氣來

84. in brief(=in as few words as possible)簡言之

85. in bulk 成批地,不散裝的

86. take the floor 起立發言

87. on business 出差辦事.

88. be busy with sth.於某事 。 be busy doing sth. 忙於做某事

89. last but one 倒數第二.

90. but for (=without) 要不是. 表示假設

91. buy sth. for…money 用多少錢買

92. be capable of 能夠, 有能力 be capable of being +過去分詞:是能夠被…的

93. in any case(=for love or money, at any rate, at any price, at any cost, whatever happens; anyhow)無論如何 

94. in case (=for fear that) 萬一; 

95. in case of (=in the event of)如果發生…萬一 in the case of 至於…, 就…而言

96. in no case在任何情況下都不(放句首倒裝句)

97. be cautious of 謹防

98. center one’s attention on(=focus one’s attention on) 把某人的注意力集中在…上

99. be certain of (=be sure of) 有把握, 一定.

100. for certain of (=for sure )肯定地,有把握地

101. by chance(=accidentally, by accident)偶然

102. for a change換換環境(花樣等)

103. charge sb. with …控告某人犯有…

104. in charge of (=responsible for) 負責(某事) in the charge of …由…管 

105. take charge of (=to be or become responsible for)負責管理(照顧)

106. charge…for 因…索取(費用) , charge sb. with sth. 控告某人犯有…

107. round the clock(=all day and all night, usually without stopping) 晝夜不停地

108. comment on 評論

109. commit oneself to 使自己承擔… commit sb. to prison把某人送進監獄; 
         commit one’s idea to writing 把某人的想法寫下來; 
         commit a matter to a committee 把某事交給委員會討論

110. in common (和…)有共同之處,共用. be common to sb. 是與某人所共有的

111. keep company with (=be friendly and go out together) 和…要好.

112. compare…with … 把…與…比較

113. compare…to… 把…比作…

114. by comparison 比較起來

115. in comparison with (=in contrast to) 和…比起來

116. compensate for (=give sth. to make up for) 補償, 賠償,彌補 compensate sb. for sth. 賠償,彌補

117. complain of (or about)抱怨;訴苦;控告;complain about 抱怨某人或事情; 
         complain to sb. about sth. (or sb.) 向某人抱怨…; 
         complain (抱怨); complement (補充); compliment (恭維)

118. comply with (=act in accordance with a demand, order, rule etc.) 遵守, 依從

119. conceive of (think of, imagine, consider) 想像,設想

120. concentrate on (or upon) 集中,專心

121. be concerned with (=about) 與…有關

122. concern oneself about / with 關心

123. in conclusion(=as the last thing)最後一點; at the conclusion of 當…結束時; 

124. condemn sb. to 判決

125. on condition that (=if)以…為條件, 假如. in that = because 因為;
         now that = since 既然;for all that = although 儘管

126. in / out of condition (=thoroughly healthy or fit / not fit) 健康狀況好/不好 . 
         in good (bad) condition處於良好(壞)狀態

127. confess(to)(=admit a fault, crime, or sth. wrong)承認, 供認; confess to a crime 承認罪行.

128. confide in (=to talk freely to sb. about one’s secret) 對…講真心話, 依賴 

129. in confidence 推心置腹地; with confidence 滿懷信心地; have confidence in 對…有信心

130. confidence in sb. / sth. 對…的信賴

131. be confident of 有信心; confidential 機密的

132. confine…to… 把…限制在某範圍內

133. confirm sb. in 使某人更堅定(信念等)

134. conform to (=be in agreement with, comply with) 符合,遵照,遵守;
         1)obey服從; 2) observe; 3)comply with照…辦; 4)keep to遵循; 5)abide by服從;6)stick to按..做

135. be confronted with(=be brought face to face with) 面對, 面臨 

136. congratulate sb. on 祝賀

137. in connection with(=with regard to)關於,

138. be conscious of(=be aware of)覺察,知道

139. consent to(=give agreement to permission)同意

140. in consequence (=as a result) 結果

141. in consequence of (=as a consequence of)由於…的結果

142. under consideration 在考慮中

143. in consideration of (=in return for, on account of, because of )由於

144. on no consideration(in no case)無論如何也不

145. take…into consideration (=take account of, take…into account)考慮到, 把…考慮進去

146. considerate (=thoughtful of the needs) 體貼的, 考慮他人需要的, 

147. consist of(=be composed of)由…組成的. consist in主要在於. consist with符合,與…一致

148. be consistent with(=be in agreement with)與…一致. be consistent in一貫的,

149. consult sb. on/ about sth. 向…徵求…方面的意見, 就…向…請教

150. to one’s heart’s content盡情地,痛痛快快 

151. be content with(=be satisfied with) 滿足於be content to do sth. 願意做某事

152. contrary to (=in opposition to) 與…相反

153. on the contrary 相反

154. contrast…with 把…與…相對(對照)

155. in contrast to/with 和…形成對比;by contrast 對比之下

156. contribute to 有助於

157. under control (被)控制住 out of control無法控制

158. at one’s convenience(=where and when it suits one) 在方便的時間或地點 . 
         be convenient to / for 對…方便

159. convince sb. of (=cause sb. to believe or feel certain; 
         to persuade sb.)使某人確信,try to persuade sb. to do sth.勸說某人做…

160. cope with(=deal with, try to find a solution to)應付, 處理

161. in the corner(of)在角落裏;on(at) the comer of a street在街道拐彎處;
         round the comer拐過彎; be in a tight corner陷入困境

162. correspond (with) ( =exchange letters regularly) 通信

163. correspond to 相當於 . correspond with 符合,一致

164. at all costs不惜任何代價 . at the cost of 以…為代價

165. a matter of course 理所當然的事

166. as a matter of course 當然地, 自然地

167. in (during) the course 在…過程中

168. in due course (=without too much delay) 沒經過太久, 到一定時候

169. on credit賒購; with credit以優異成績; to one’s credit使某人感到光榮; 
         do sb. credit 使…感到光榮

170.be critical of 愛挑毛病的,批評的

171. cure sb. of+某種疾病 治好某人的疾病

172.a danger to對…的危險; be in danger(of)處於…危險中; be out of danger脫離危險

173. to date(=so far, until now) 到目前為止

174. out of date過時的;up to date新式的,時興的; date back to可追溯到; 
         date from從某時期開始(有)

175. deal with (=concern) 論及

176. be in debt to sb. 欠…的債 

177. on the decline 在衰退中, 在減少中 in decline 下降; on the increase 在增加

178. to one’s delight 令某人感到高興;to one’s regret 遺憾; sorrow悲痛;
         relief 安心; distress 苦惱; shame羞愧; surprise 驚奇; astonishment 驚奇;

179. delight in(=take great pleasure in doing sth.)喜歡, 取樂

180. take (a) delight in 喜歡幹…, 以…為樂

181. demand sth. of sb. 向某人要求(非物質的)東西. 
         demand sth. from sb. 向某人要求(物質的)東西

182.in demand有需求;on demand受到要求時

183. be dependent on 依靠

184. deprive sb. of sth. 剝奪某人某物

185. derive…from(=obtain…from)從…取得,由…來的.derive from(=come from)起源於
186. despair of (=lose all hope of) 絕望

187. in despair 絕望

188. despite (=in spite of) 不管, 儘管

189. in detail 詳細地

190. deviate from 偏離, 不按…辦

191. on a diet 吃某種特殊飲食, 節食

192. differ from…in 與…的區別在於…

193. in difficulties…有困難,處境困難,

194. discharge sb. (from)…for (=dismiss sb. from a job for) 因…解雇, 開除

195. fall back (=retreat, turn back) 撤退; in disorder 慌亂地, 狼狽不堪

196. on display(=being shown publicly)陳列

197. dispose of (=get rid of ,throw away)處理掉

198. beyond dispute不容爭議的,無可爭議

199. in dispute 在爭議中

200. in the distance 在遠處. make out 辯認出

201. (be) distinct from ( = be different from) 與…截然不同

202. distinguish between (=make or recognize differences) 辨別

203. distinguish…from 把…與…區別開

204. do away with(=get rid of; abolish; discard eliminate) 除去,廢除,取消; 
         do away with (=kill) 殺掉, 鎮壓

205. have…to do with 與…有關係

206. without doubt (=undoubtedly)無可置疑地

207. in doubt(=in a condition of uncertainty)對…表示疑惑

208. be due to 是由於

209. come off duty 下班

210. go on duty 上班

211. be on duty 值班, 值日, 在上班時

212. be in duty bound to (do) (=be required by one’s job or esp. by conscience) 有義務(做)

213. be eager for 想得到, 盼望

214. by ear (=play music from memory without having seen it printed) 憑記憶,不看樂譜

215. have an ear for (=have keen recognition of sounds esp. in music and language)對..有鑒賞力

216. a word in one’s ear 私房話, 秘密話

217. on earth 究竟, 到底, 全然

218. with ease ( = easily) 容易, 不費力

219. at (one’s) ease ( = without worry or nervousness) 自在,不拘束

220. put sb. at his / her ease (=free sb. from worry or nervousness)使某人感到無拘束

221. economize on (=save sth. instead of being wasteful) 節省

222. have an effect on 對…有影響

223. be in effect (=be in operation) 有效

224. go into effect 生效. ( 近: come into effect; take effect; be brought into effect)

225. in effect (=in fact, really) 實際上

226. give effect to (=carry out) 實行,使…生效

227. to no effect 不起作用,沒有取得任何效果

228. (be) of no effect (=useless) 無效

229. to the effect that 大意是…,主要內容是…

230. to that effect 是那個意思的…

231. emerge from ( =appear, become known ) 出現, 暴露(問題. 意見等)

232. place(or put, lay) an emphasis on 強調, 把重點放在…上

233. encourage sb. in 鼓勵; encourage sb. in his/her work 鼓勵某人工作; 
         encourage sb. in his/her idleness 慫恿某人遊手好閒

234. encourage sb. in …with sth. 用…鼓勵某人做某事

235. on end (=continuously) 連續地

236. (be) at an end (=finished) 結束了

237. no end of (=very many/much) 很多,大量

238. in the end (=finally, eventually) 最終

239. at one’s wit’s end (=not knowing what to do or to say) 無法可想, 智窮計盡 

240. end up with 以…而結束

241. come to and end (=finish) 結束

242. end in 以…為結束

243. engage in 或 be engaged in 忙於,從事

244. enter for (=put the name on a list for) 報名參加

245. enter into (=begin) 開始(談話, 談判等)

246. enter on / upon (=begin) 開始 (一個時代. 一種生涯. 一段任期等)

247. be entitled to (=be given the right to do sth.)有權…,有資格…

248. be equal to 等於

249. be/ feel equal to (=have enough strength, ability etc.) (某人)能勝任,能應付 
         on equal terms(=on and equal footing)平等地

250. be equipped with 裝備有,裝有

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