Excuse me 對不起

I am sorry 抱歉

I beg your pardon. 我請求你的原諒

I'm sorry to have bothered you. 很抱歉打擾你了.

I'm sorry, it was wrong of me. 對不起,是我不好

I can't tell you how sorry I am. 我不知道該如何向你表示歉意

I don't know what excuse to offer. 我不知道該如何向你道歉

I'm sorry I brought it up. 抱歉,我不該說這些話

I'm sorry I mentioned it. 抱歉,我不該說這些話

it's my fault. 那是我的錯

it's no one's fault.誰也沒有錯

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting!對不起,讓你久等了!

that's all right. 沒有關係

I must ask your pardon. 我應該向你道歉

please think nothing of it. 不要放在心上,別介意

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